The Blue Danube

Usually I am not so much into classical music, but this one, "The Blue Danube" by Richard Strauss Jr. is not only part of my culture and deeply connected to our New Year's Eve tradition, it is also a great masterpiece of classical music that sends a pleasant shiver down my spine every time I hear it - and this is traditionally twice a year, on New Year's Eve at midnight and on New Year's morning at the Vienna New Year's Concert.
In Austria, at midnight on New Year's Eve, this beautiful waltz is played on the radio and television, and almost everyone dances the waltz.
Every New Year's morning, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra plays the New Year's Concert, which is broadcast around the world from the famous Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna. Their last piece (before the encore of the Radetzky March) is always "The Blue Danube", accompanied by a beautiful show by the Vienna State Ballet.

Ballet couples dancingon on the Danube, kettledrums, horns, an Austrian castle and Richard Strauss with violins in the back