Wine Labels North Macedonia

Two concepts for wine labels for North Macedonian Wines:


"Rreqebulli", Pinot Noir

The face of the North Macedonian national animal, the Balkan Lynx (Rreqebulli), put together out of plants, seeds, fruits and leaves typical for the country, such as walnuts, acorns, figs, juniper berries, beechnuts and pines.


"Tambura", Pinot Grigio

Abstract depiction of the traditional North Macedonian folk music with their traditional music instruments, such as a Zurna (Clarinet), tapan (drum), tambura (guitar/sitar) and accordion. The fragmentation and displacement of the forms make an elated appearance, just as this kind of music with their fast and unusual rhythms is.


AD: Emlyn Firth (a visual agency)

Client: Wine52