Earth on Fire


This illustration is dedicated to the millions of animals who were killed or hurt in the Australian bushfire. Furthermore I wanted to picture the enormous tragedy of this natural disaster to shake up our society to fight against climate change.

Animals textured like flames are fleeing from the bushfire and build the shape of Australia


Even though we are busy dealing with a pandemic and various political crises, the poles are still melting, climate change is happening right now, way too fast. Our ecosystems are being destroyed forever. It's time to fight for our livelihoods again.

Animals made of ice are melting and build the shape of the north pole and greenland


According to a studies from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2017, the USA has the second highest meat consumption in the world with 124 kg meat per person per year. Only topped by Hong Kong with 137 kg.
Mass consumption and production of meat causes not only animal suffering, but also accelerate climate change. Cattle breeding produces a lot of methane gas, rainforests are cleared to grow soy for animal feed, ecosystems are getting destroyed. And of course – animals are treated like waste.

Densely packed, skinless farm animals that represent mass meat consumption and form the shape of the United States.